3 Secrets That Keep Men Scrambling for the Next “Last Longer” Magic Bullet
Important News for Men Who Swore They Would Never Try Another Product to Last Longer In Bed

Is there someone on your mind that you want to deeply satisfy as you make love all night?

Are you tired of worrying about your gorgeous woman walking out of your life because you couldn’t satisfy her in bed? (I say this only because I know how frustrating it can be. I’ve watched some of the most incredible women walk out of my life because of this. If only you knew what I’ve lost while dealing with this but I’m sure you’d say the same to me).

Whether you’re 18, 45 or 73, you can develop an unshakable sense of control.
You can learn to have wilder, harder, longer lasting lovemaking and without the
bullshit that you think you have to go through.

How do I know this?

Because for the past 13 years I have been privately consulting men how to last longer in bed in Seattle. My business grew through word of mouth only, and eventually I couldn’t handle the amount of men asking for help.

I could help so many people in a day and so eventually I extended my business online.

And now I am going to reveal 3 secrets that are keeping you from having the sexlife that you want, and I am going to offer you a solution that any man who wants the most of out of life, and wants to give his woman an incredible night after night will be eager* to get their greedy hands on.

Warning: This page is not for men who want a “quick fix” or are looking for a “magic pill”. If you’re on this page it’s likely because you’re smart enough to realize there’s no such thing.

Trust me, I’d love nothing more than to have had for myself or to say “Take X, and you’ll be fine in the morning.” Or something as simple as “Do X once, and then once again the day after, and it’s all you’ll need to be lasting all night”.

…Like some Sci-fi enhancement straight out of WestWorld.
As much as I wish, they just don’t exist (yet).



The First Secret of Control


Lasting longer has NOTHING to do with any “lovemaking” technique, any
amount of foreplay, or anything involving you and your partner.

In fact, if you’re trying to have sex right now, you’re only going to make it worse.

The truth is there’s a deeper reason why you can’t last in bed. You’ve developed a “habit” of ejaculating quickly.

Let me explain…
Wouldn’t you agree that our body is extremely effecient? And it’s always trying
to do something better?

Of course, but it can only adapt with what we’ve given it.

Keep practicing golf with a bad swing, and you’ll develop a “perfect” terrible
swing. Much like curling a 35lb dumbbell. Your body adjusts to the weight, and soon
becomes more efficient at lifting it. With me?

As you know, we’re not designed to be able to last hours in bed. In fact, we’re biologically designed to last as minimal time as possible. And with a natural pre-disposition to finish quickly... your body recognizes the pattern during sex, when getting a blowjob, solo sessions…. and becomes more efficient.

Which is why your problem may seem to be getting “worse” with time. And you eventually ejaculate sooner.

Nobody here wants a lecture in biology, if you’re like I was, you just want what gets you results so you can finally give your a lover a rough night of what she

But, until you address this problem specifically. No pill, no technique, no advice will do you any good. You need to break the habit.


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