The Second Secret of Lasting
Throw Out ALL of your Thick Condoms, Pills, And Creams

If you’ve ever used these, we can all agree that these will do nothing more than ruin a spontaneous, passionate evening.
As someone who had once tried everything I never tried either of these twice.

The pills were a 50/50 gamble between being extremely dangerous or nothing
more than a dose of Vitamin E.

And when it came to creams and sprays. Nothing was more frustrating than
having to “take a break” from the intense anticipation.. all the build up.

All the excitement and spontaneity.

While the smell the sharp chemicals wasn’t enough to kill the moment as my girlfriend asks if it’s safe. And worse, waiting for the numbing to kick in.. Worse, waiting for the spray to “activate”.

Combined with a condom, I couldn’t feel a damn thing. And the only thing she
felt was chafing. With these limited options available.. a man’s gotta ask…



Was this really the best sex in 2017 could be?
Not to mention, any chance of her going down was non existant.
Feel free to spend the money, but they won’t get you anywhere. The only thing they were good for were gifting it to my girlfriend’s boss before she quit. (true story).

My suggestion, throw them all away. Keep the condoms and use them until they’re all
gone. I have nothing against the tire-thick condoms, other than it’s impossible to
stay hard (as if it wasn’t a challenge already), and they cause her to chafe.




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