Man Who Could Barely Last Through Foreplay – Now Makes Love All Night
Last All Night — Naturally

Ronnie came to us for help.

At the age of 37, he suffered from not being able to last in bed his entire marriage,
and entire sex life.

He used to joke he was Charlie Runkel from Californication who could barely last 5 minutes in bed, and the joke finally
got old.

And at age 37, his wife finally had enough laughs. She had a taste of the “good life”. Her girlfriends pushed her to cheat, his wife had “marriage-ruining sex” with a stranger, and she found exactly what she had been missing.


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The first thing I told him was that nobody owed him a damn thing. He could try and get her back, I’d show him how, I’ve orchestrated miracles to those who don’t see the strings being pulled behind the curtain.

His 10 year marriage could have either meant 10 years of excuses for why they must get back together, or 10 years of reasons why they’ll never touch again: His 10 year marriage meant nothing.

But first I was going to make sure he was someone women would never forget in bed. So when he finally met “her” — whoever “she” is — you’ll be ready.

Today? Ronnie is dating a scandalous 20-something bartender and occassionally
hooks up with a random date from the internet.

Right now, he’s just making up for lost time. And whether you’re trying to be the
best lover for your partner, or whether you’re just trying to be unforgettable in

I will show you how to…

  • Never have another emberrassing night in bed again…
  • Use techniques like the Drag Parachute and the Emergency Brake to maximize your potential in bed and the ability to instantly save yourself from ejaculating too soon.
  • Why you’re only able to last as long as you can right now, and how to break
    through into the double digits of lasting during sex..
  • How to be unforgettable by your lover, and give her incredible sex night after

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It might sound crazy, but I used to have the worst PE. I was haunted
by my performance. One night stands became comedy shows, and nobody has
experienced more of the “look” she gets when you finish too soon. Nobody
understands the pain of watching yet another beautiful woman walking out of
your life like I do. And nobody understands how frustrating it is to not be able to give the one you love the true satisfaction that she begs for.

You see, throughout my entire life, I couldn’t keep a woman. That meant I had to get VERY efficient at
meeting them.

I made the mistake thinking that “if I just have more sex…”

It helped, but it never got me where I wanted.

I soon had enough. I lost the most incredible woman… and it was the best thing
that could have ever happened to me.

I swore I’d never let this happen again.

My focus grinded against the edges while it sharpened down. I knew exactly
what I must do. I told myself, I would search until I found the answers, or I
would figure it out myself.

Eventually, I did. And Eventually, women were referring me. I was being passed
around like a piece of meat.

And it wasn’t until my friends begged, threatened and bribed me to tell them
how I did it did I tell anyone.

I wanted this power to myself.

I have it down to a step by step system. I know exactly what I need to do to develop my ability to last, and exactly how to keep it. And I know exactly how to do it FAST.

But eventually, I saw the impact it had. And I knew instantly I was onto
something big.


So I opened a small consulting firm after word spread, and from there.. My brand — Lifted Limitations and Curb Your Ejaculation grew like a boner in math class.

Not only was I helping guys get unnatural results in bed, my progress was skyrocketing further. Sex became like making love on a tiny rowboat in the middle of a lake.

Women weren’t walking out of my life, yet I was still meeting them as if they were. My bedroom was like a slowly revolving door. I had sex all day and taught all night. And still do this day.

And now I am able to teach these results of having un-restrained sex to you.

And over the years, it has slowly become more and more refined. Just when I think I’ve “learned it all”… I find a completely new discovery, a completely new “realization”.. and it changes everything. That allows me to teach you even faster and with massively improved results .


My methods spread so fast because they are SIMPLE to understand, RAW advice that actually WORKS.
Let’s have some fun, and let’s make you impossible to let go.

I’m giving you my best material FREE, because it’s my way of seeing if we’re
a good fit and if we can work together. I’d rather find this out sooner than later.

If you’re a man who wants to become unforgettable in the bedroom.

If you’re a man who wants a woman that can’t put you down…

And if YOU are a man who wants to have incredible memories, a lustful sex life and to experience sensations of sex that you’ve never before experienced..

Then grab your free download now...


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More later.
– Ross Aken