Revealed: The Answers to Having Wilder, Harder, Longer Lasting Love-Making

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Without Dangerous Pills, Creams, or Awkward Techniques

For men who just want to keep a nice woman to love

What’s worse? Tell me, because after 10 years of dealing with Premature Ejaculation I
still can’t figure out.

The look on her face after she realizes the hidden “secret”, and the “I don’t know what to do look” that hides her frustration.

Or, the hours, days, and weeks of constant back and forth flirting. All the tension and
anticipation. The excitement. The Rush… All flooding out of the room like it absorbs
into the wall.

I’m a man tired of picking up all of our clothes after just taking them off. I’m a man frustrated with such an absurd problem — not being able to last.

I quickly realized no woman is going to wait for me to get this handled. It was my responsibility. And I did something about it.

Have Wilder, Harder, Longer Lasting Lovemaking
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In fact, I used to be one of the worst. And I am a man who loves sex. I think about it constantly. When I had it, it was never enough. Every
woman turned me on.

But I knew how much it hurt when she “found out”, that it even kept me from meeting some incredible women. And the women I did hit it off with, would soon walk out of
my life. Another incredible woman, another incredible future together, ending all too
It didn’t seem to matter how much I could make her laugh, how well we got
along. At best, I’d be friend zoned if I ever heard from her again.

I searched for answers.

With sex as being such a routine, essential part of my life. I
refused to let it ruin my life further.
And I’ll tell you, this isn’t something that “Goes away” with more woman that you
meet. Through college all the women I’ve slept with could fill a small auditorium. and
that didn’t stop later in life.

And I was frustrated as hell.

I told myself, I would get this area of my life handled. If I couldn’t find the
information, I would find a solution myself.

And I’ll tell you, I went through the edge of hell and back.. And now? My life is bliss.

I made it “well off” in real estate in my early 20’s, and I was able to live a life chasing
my passions. One of those, was women.

And in my gift to you are the fastest, most critical and most important realizations
that allowed me to go from lasting 2 minutes 17 seconds (I know this, because I could
never last longer than any of Led Zeppelin’s hits) and now I’m lasting entire playlists.

“Movie nights” are never about the movie. Simply background noise as we make love
all night long.

No more stopping and “starting”. No more worrying of another embarrassing night. And
the end of disappointment of “going down” on her when she wants nothing more than
to be ravished deep and hard.
I took complete control of my life. And after teaching a few men how to do the same,
my advice took off.

I opened shop as a small underground word-of-mouth consultant and have been
privately teaching guys how to get laid or die trying, and have damn incredible sex
while doing it.

You can too.

This book is whether you’re in a relationship or casually dating.

The advice works whether you’re 18, 35, or 72.

And I don’t care how quick you’re ejaculating, my advice has worked for men who can
barely last 30 seconds — (finishing at the near thought of titties), and the longer
you’re able to last, the better this information works.


If you just follow the simple steps I lay out like dozens of men already have, you will become unforgettable in bed.


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p.s. Why am I doing this? To see for yourself if you can handle my brash,
tell-it-like-it-is personality and that these methods really do work.